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Thread: GXT4 and Java1.6 support

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    Question GXT4 and Java1.6 support

    Dear Sencha Support,

    We are now planing to move from GXT2 to GXT4.
    I know that the minimum requirement for GXT4 is JAVA1.7.
    However, our application server is still using Java 1.6 (the upgrade plan to Java 1.7 is 2018)
    I am now trying to workout how to run GXT4 application under Java 1.6. (I know that some new features may not be worked in Java 1.6)

    During the maven build, I set the source and compilation level to 1.6 (Desktop environment setup: Java1.7, GWT2.7, GXT4) . The build is successful.

    However, the application is fail to run when performing the code that calling GXT4 API. It is because GXT4 is compiled in Java 1.7.

    Is it possible for Sencha to compile the GXT4 in Java 1.6?



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    I think the easiest way to keep Java 1.6 on the server side is to separate the client and server source modules and compile them differently. Although this probably isn't going to work for RPC. Java 1.7 is used to compile the javascript code, but isn't needed at runtime. So there seems to be ways that could be had to workaround this issue, although I haven't tried any of them yet. This might be a better community question to see what the compiler experts say.

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