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Thread: Problems with component PagingToolbar

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    Default Problems with component PagingToolbar

    Hi all.

    I have some problem with paged data in a grid.
    Unfortunately I cannot send my code but I'll try to explain my problem. Thanks at all.

    I have a Grid in which I have inserted a paging toolbar (added using the bbar property of the grid).
    In this paging toolbar I have added a plugin (PageSizer): a combobox for change dinamically the pageSize property of the Store.
    Apparently, this work fine. On the pagingbar, the informations about the records change according to the value selected from the combo. For modify the records information I use this code:
    HTML Code: = <value_selected_from_combobox;
    Where "this" refer to the paging toolbar and "store" is the store associated.

    But if I check the request url made, the parameters "start" and "limit" are unmodified (start:0 and limit:25, the defaults value). I can see only a new parameter in the url request: the "page" parameter (number of the page).
    And this also if I change the page with the arrows in the paging toolbar.

    Some information:
    - the data and columns in the grid are dynamic
    - the Store have a default pageSize of value 25
    - the Store have the property autoDestroy to true

    Anyone have an idea to solve this annoing problem?

    Thanks again in advance,

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    The easiest way is to set the start page your self.
    Code: = ( * (value_selected_from_combobox-1))+1;
    that will give you the start value of each page you choose from the combo box.

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    In API doc of Ext.toolbar.Paging:

    To use paging, you need to set a pageSize configuration on the Store, and pass the paging requirements to the server when the store is first loaded

    params:{// specify params for the first page load if using paging        start:0,        limit: myPageSize,// other params        foo:'bar'}});

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