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Thread: Are we supposed to F5 to debug?

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    Default Are we supposed to F5 to debug?

    I just watched this new video and the presenter right clicks on the Sencha Sub-folder and clicks "Start Sencha App Watch" to open the app in a browser window. Does this not defeat the purpose of an app and Web API project? The API portion of the site is not running.

    The presenter should have run F5 to build and run the project, allowing the web API to be available... but again, this would bring me back to my other recent post that then the Sencha app is only available through the sub-folder /Sencha/index.html which is undesirable.

    So what is the recommended method of debugging the app here? F5 or running sencha web server? or Both?

    For developers who are used to an F5 and just working, some additional specific direction would be nice realizing we're trying to put a non-VS style project into a VS development environment.

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    So working my way around this project, I noticed a "Set as Startup App" menu item in 6.0.4. I also did a Publish to Deploy package and noticed that upon deploy, the Sencha folder gets dropped into the root. So are we saying that During development, we are to debug by running F5 and browsing to /Sencha/ but when we deploy, the app index.html gets published to the root? Is this just for project organization or is there an additional reason for this?Thanks,Rob

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