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Thread: extjs6.0.0 modern textfield can't input chinese

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    Default extjs6.0.0 modern textfield can't input chinese

    when I use extjs6.0.0 modern to build wap html page,and then create a simple form, just one textfield,when I switch to input chinese, the input box can't display it. but when I use sencha touch 4.2, it can work. BTW, when I view the docs in , the demo can't display chinese too.

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    I haven't heard of this issue. Are you able to recreate the problem in a test case?

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    Default the demo in the doc can't input chinese too

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    Default view the post ,the bug is base on touch 2.3

    n the touch 2.4,is fixed;

    but doesn't fix in the ext6.0 modern.

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    Excuse me, have you solved it?

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    hi.update to 6.0.1 solved the problem.bacause of the "change" event from viewmodel

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