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Thread: Unexpected differences between Fashion and non-Fashion app?

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    Default Unexpected differences between Fashion and non-Fashion app?

    Hi, all...I created a sample app similar to the Ext JS kitchen sink. I use it for theming, and have been using Fashion as I update the styles.

    Recently, I've noticed that when I view my app with the Fashion platform tag (?platformTags=fashion:true), my app is styled as I expect, given my theme variables, overrides, etc.

    However, viewing my app via the standard localhost URL (http://localhost:1841/MyApp/) produces slightly different results, even though it should, in theory, be drawing from the same styles as those used by Fashion.

    The difference appears to be that the Fashion version is pulling from the "MyApp-all.css" file, whereas the non-Fashion version is pulling from a specific sheet (MyApp-all_6.css). However, I don't know why one app would look correct, while the other wouldn't. It makes me wonder which is the "true" view, which in turn makes me fear that my theme may not work as I expect.

    Is there something I need to do to ensure that my theme is correctly applied, whether or not I'm viewing my app using Fashion?

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    Is this a wide-spread issue, or related to specific components/aspects of your application? Any additional details (especially an example application that demonstrates the issue) would be helpful in debugging this.


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