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Thread: Triton theme's OpenSans fonts does not have the 'embeddable' bit set.

    You found a bug! We've classified it as EXTJS-18284 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default Triton theme's OpenSans fonts does not have the 'embeddable' bit set.

    Hello! I'm pretty confident to log this as a bug and would like to share the solution!

    The OpenSans font pack coming with the Triton theme has an issue where it does not have the "I am embeddable" bit in its *.ttf version of the font.

    This can be reproduced in this fiddle if you open with IE and look at console: Text not showing problem.

    We have been able to fix this issue by setting the "embeddable" bit on the font version we use. We contacted the font authors and they seemed fine with the change, although they wouldn't be committing it to their official repository any soon.

    We gathered information on how the problem happens and how to fix it here: Triton Theme font OpenSans is not embed-installable on IE browsers.

    In summary, just get and built the embed tool and run it on the open sans fonts to set up their bit.

    We'll be grateful if Sencha also run this tool on their version of the OpenSans font pack so, whenever we update ExtJS, we don't need to worry about keeping the home-fixed version of OpenSans.

    This issue corroborates the thread in Q&A: Text not visible on Windows 8 and 10 ?????

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    Also seeing this issue. Generating the default classic app with Sencha Cmd I see this:


    Other people seeing this issue here:

    Triton is a nice theme. Please address this issue.

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    Thanks for reporting! I have found an existing report in our bug tracking system of this issue. It can be referenced as EXTJS-18284.
    Tristan Lee
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    Having an issue? Help us help you - be detailed; provide some code; demonstrate with a fiddle (

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    I encountered this problem as well.
    If you want to get it addressed upstream, you should upvote this issue.
    However it's probably not getting fixed in the font itself, due to its popularity (see the comment by davelab6 on GitHub).

    Thus to repeat fabricio.object's request: it would be really nice if Sencha could just modify thefont files in their theme (e.g. with this tool); it's completely legal for OpenSans and would prevent the ExtJS community from being bothered with this...

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