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Thread: Fully functional custom type

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    Default Fully functional custom type


    I'm looking for the best way to define own custom type in ExtJs.
    I would like to use it in forms, grids, pivots, etc., it should has own rendering, calculating and sorting behavior.

    Consider a type 'pace'. Pace is defined as amount of time needed to move on unit of distance, for example pace 2:30 means you need two and half minute to do 1 mile or km.
    Pace could be added (2:30 + 2:35 = 5:05) and be used in other calculations.
    The smaller pace is faster, that means pace 2:00 is faster (higher) than 2:30.

    So far as I know, this is a way to define own custom type and use it in data model as in coding below:
    Ext.define('App.fields.Pace', {
        extend: '',
        alias: 'data.field.pace'
    Ext.define( 'Data', {
        extend: '',
        fields: [ 
            {name: 'id'},                           
            {name: 'pace', type: 'pace'}
    Such defined type is a dummy one, it doesn't render, sort or calculate correctly.

    Is there a way to extend it, so it will work ok in forms, grids, pivots, etc.?
    What should I do to archive it? Should I define or overwrite some methods?
    Or perhaps I should take other similar type (for example date) and inherit it or use it as template?
    I think as minimum the new custom type should provide a method to convert its value to internal type like int and a method to render this internal value as external format but I havent find such methods.

    Is it possible to define own type which will work correctly in all scenarios where standard type could be used?


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    In this case you'll probably want to extend integer and override the convert/serialize methods.

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