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Thread: Responsive Config/SetMenu

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    Default Responsive Config/SetMenu

    Is it possible to set the side that the menu comes in on based on the viewport's width?

    Ext.Viewport.setMenu(menu, {    side: 'left',
        reveal: true
    But I would like to do something like this:

        responsiveConfig: {
            'width < 768': {
                menu: menu, {
                    side: 'right',
                    reveal: true
            'width >= 768': {
                menu: menu, {
                    side: 'left',
                    reveal: true
    Obviously that doesn't work, but I'm simply trying to put the menu on the right side on small screens, and on the left on large screens.


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    For a config to be available for responsive design, it must have a setter method. Here's a blog post that explains it in more detail.

    See the "Which Configs Can Be Responsive?" and "Making Classes Responsive" sections.

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