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Thread: Multiple list items per line (Sencha Touch 2.4.2)

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    Default Multiple list items per line (Sencha Touch 2.4.2)

    I currently have a list grouped on a specific field, but I'm looking for a way to render multiple list items per line within those groups. I've read this thread from 2012 where it's mentioned that it's not possible to add groupers to dataview items (which is essentially what I'm attempting to do):

    Is it possible to prevent individual list items from line breaking while still having category titles between them?

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    I have done this before but it was not simple. First you would need to create a temporary store that groups your items into a record with the record containing as many items are you want per row and the grouping name as a field. Then in your itemTpl you need to loop through each item and display it. In your listener, you have to use a delegate so that you know which item you tapped in the row.

    I also removed all the default events using the following:
                touchstart: 'onItemTouchStart',
                touchend: 'onItemTouchEnd',
                tap: 'onItemTap',
                taphold: 'onItemTapHold',
                singletap: 'onItemSingleTap',
                doubletap: 'onItemDoubleTap',
                swipe: 'onItemSwipe',
                delegate: '.' + Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'list-item',
                scope: me
    Not simple, but can be accomplished. I would give you my code, but it was not abstracted enough and would need too many modifications.

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