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Thread: Spreadsheet: selection occasionaly lost while selecting rows/cells

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Spreadsheet: selection occasionaly lost while selecting rows/cells


    This is kind of a tricky bug, you must be a little stubborn in order to reproduce it, as it can't be reproduced deterministically, it seems.

    On this example: Spreadsheet with Checked rows (extJS 6.0.2, also reproducible in 6.0.1)

    1. Click on a checkbox of a given row to check it (this will be left checked all the time)
    2. Repeatedly do these steps until you see the "unexpected" behavior:
    2.1. Click on the row immediately below the checked one while moving the mouse outside the grid (to the left) or towards the selected row above.
    2.2. Check if the initial row was selected (sometimes it is selected briefly then de-selected, as if "flashed" selection css style)
    2.3. If it has been correctly selected, normally click the row again to deselect and repeat from 2.1 until the defect shows up.

    The select+drag on step 2.1 should be done quickly in order to trigger this.

    There may be more than one selected rows above the tested one.

    Once you get the hang on how to reproduce the issue, it is easy to reproduce also on cells. For example cells on last column, moving mouse outside the grid while clicking them eventually allows to effectively clear selection.

    This may seem a "forced" bug but that apparently is happening unwillingly more often than expected, as people may tend to drag the mouse a little while clicking on several selection entries in a grid.

    Once reproducing the issue you can also notice that sometimes, even after a successful select, the next selection attempt made with the mouse pointer standing still can make the row to briefly select+deselect, as if a previous selection event was responsible for the failing current attempt.

    I hope the information above is sufficient to notice the issue!

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    Thanks for the report. I haven't been able to recreate this yet. Once you have the row checked, where are you clicking in the next row before dragging (checkbox, adjacent number, year column, or one of the month columns)? Then you're dragging to the left (off of the grid)?

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    This is one of those issues that only happens when we are not expecting them to. :P

    Lemme see if I can rephrase it...

    By 'clicking rows' below, understand we are clicking essentially on the check box column, starting the mouse pointer centered on the check box inner square.

    1. Click any row (not the last one, please!)
    2. Click the row immediately below it (it will check)
    3. Click again that second row to uncheck it
    4. Now repeat this until you get the glitch
    4.1. Click (fast click, don't try to "drag" the checkbox around!) the row immediately moving the mouse cursor to the left
    4.2. most times the row will get checked. the glitch didn't reproduce then.
    4.3. click normally on the row to uncheck it and get back to 4.1 again
    5. After a "successfull" 4.1 step, you'll notice that the checkbox of the row just 'blinked' and went back off.

    This kind of emulates a person who inadvertently moves the mouse when applying force to his fingers to click. Usually people less skilled with computer or older people. But there seems to be a timeout, maybe 0.25 or 0.5 seconds that, if the mouse pointer is far from the checkbox, gets it unchecked.

    So, in differnt words: quick-click the checkbox, move the mouse away from the checkbox. You'll be moving the mouse after you released the button. Like... hmmm maybe a 'click-n-run'

    I've just reproduced this issue in the example above before I've written this message. It is hard to get but, when you get the way to reproduce it you'd understand how people might reproduce this in everyday use.

    Hope this helps you reproduce the issue! I wish there were a more deterministic way to.

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