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Thread: Ext / Cmd Running Dev / Single File Mode Failing

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    Default Ext / Cmd Running Dev / Single File Mode Failing

    Running on Ext / Cmd running with the build framework commented out (see below) would allow the app to run in a debug mode (all individual Ext classes available as individual files). After the upgrade to 6.0.2, this is broken where all of the individual files do appear to load, however the Ext.env.Ready.onReadyEvent is never fired, and thus the app never launches. Not sure if this is due to our implementation, an Ext JS bug, or Cmd bug. I was able to reproduce it using a nightly Cmd as well. Is anyone else seeing this after the upgrade(s)? Thanks.

     * Settings specific to classic toolkit builds.
    "classic": {
        "js": [
            // Remove this entry to individually load sources from the framework.
           // {
           //     "path": "${framework.dir}/build/ext-all-rtl-debug.js"
          //  }

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    Is this issue still occurring in the latest version of Sencha Cmd?


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    I am using sencha cmd (v6.1.2.15) to create a extjs (v6.0.2) modern app, but it cannot run on an android 4.2 (maybe all android under 4.4) stock browser after I build production(or testing).

    What's weird is that a extjs6 modern app without sencha cmd(a html file + 'ext-modern-all.js' + 'theme-triton-all.css') works like a charm on android 4.2.

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