I have a window containing two panels: one on the left containing a tree, and one on the right containing a inline editable grid.
When an element from the tree is selected, the grid is loaded with the items from underneath that item.
When I start editing a row, the text field appears and allows me to edit that line. If I select another item from the tree, while the text field is active, it will remain
on that position in the grid even if the data from the grid is not the same.
This bug appeared on the GXT 3.0.6 version, than I updated to 3.1.4 but it is not fixed.
As a workaround I added a listener on the tree selection, so every time an item from the tree is selected cancelEditing() is called on that grid.

Was this bug reported before, and fixed in the other versions, or am I doing something wrong ? The inline editable grid implementation is very similar to
the one from the demo site.