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Thread: uncaught error: watch null UNKNOWN

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    Default uncaught error: watch null UNKNOWN

    Architect Build tested:
    • x64
    Project Type:
    • ExtJS 5.1
    • After some time opened and minimized, Sencha Architect throws this error. Apparently the ide works fine after closing the error window, but I restart Architect just in case..
    Screenshot, Project, or Video:

    architect error.png

    Operating System:

    • Windows 10 Pro x64

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    Can this be reproduced on a blank project? Are there any errors that you are able to see in the Log or Output tabs that might give more information?
    Tristan Lee
    Sencha Inc - Sustaining Engineer

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    It just happened again, just one or two minutes after I opened Architect.
    This is what's in the output console:

    [INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
    [INF] Starting server on port : 1841
    [INF] Mapping http://localhost:1841/~cmd to C:\Users\rvillar\bin\Sencha\Cmd\
    [INF] Mapping http://localhost:1841/ to R:\pagosPosnet...
    [INF] Application available at http://localhost:1841
    [INF] Aliases are enabled
    [INF] Application available at http://localhost:1841
    [INF] Loading app json manifest...
    [INF] Appending content to R:\pagosPosnet\bootstrap.js
    [INF] Writing content to R:\pagosPosnet\bootstrap.json
    [INF] merging 266 input resources into R:\pagosPosnet\build\development\pagoDebito\resources
    [INF] merged 1 resources into R:\pagosPosnet\build\development\pagoDebito\resources
    And this is the Log:


    As far as if this happens on a blank project, I just created one and as for now nothing's happening.

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    I get this error just when opening the project. Is there any news on that matter?


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    Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue on our end and without any steps I don't think we can do anything. Would you be able to share the project with us? You can delete any personal information from the project. Just to keep the issue reproducible. You can send me the project here in the forums or send it to the [email protected] , pleas do not include it as attachment in the email as google is marking .xda archives as spam. Rather upload it to some filesharing service and share the link.

    Or you can use this dropbox link if you don't have any file sharing service on your own


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