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Thread: Custom Label (Y axis) for a Line Chart

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    Default Custom Label (Y axis) for a Line Chart

    Hello Everyone!

    data: [            ['W1',"Avail Qtr Opty",76343,"In-Period Bookings",20031],
                ['W2',"Avail Qtr Opty",178990,"In-Period Bookings",143459],
                ['W3',"Avail Qtr Opty",275758,"In-Period Bookings",208139],
                ['W4',"Avail Qtr Opty",464345,"In-Period Bookings",299032],
                ['W5',"Avail Qtr Opty",580025,"In-Period Bookings",384006],
                ['W6',"Avail Qtr Opty",734469,"In-Period Bookings",406092],
                ['W7',"Avail Qtr Opty",857489,"In-Period Bookings",501320],
                ['W8',"Avail Qtr Opty",969641,"In-Period Bookings",559783],
                ['W9',"Avail Qtr Opty",1076497,"In-Period Bookings",559783],
                ['W10',"Avail Qtr Opty",1173833,"In-Period Bookings",559783],
                ['W11',"Avail Qtr Opty",1279387,"In-Period Bookings",559783],
                ['W12',"Avail Qtr Opty",1412080,"In-Period Bookings",559783],
                ['W13',"Avail Qtr Opty",1736327,"In-Period Bookings",559783]
    attached is my data for the line chart with 2 variables, the values vary from 0-2 million, how can I customized the label on the Y axis to only display 0M, 1M and 2M?

    A reply will be much appreciated.

    Also, how could I generate this kind of data (I mean in that form above) in php? I want to use a ajax request that will retrieve data in php.. Thanks again!

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    Perhaps you could use a label renderer to achieve this? There's an example on this page.

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    I saw the link you posted, but when i am using a label render, and put if conditions there, if 0 return '0M' if 1million return '1M' and so on, but it returns undefined in between of the values, what I want is just 0M 1M AND 2M.

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    Perhaps something like this example will help you:

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