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Thread: LiveGridView setRowHeight

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    Default LiveGridView setRowHeight

    How do I force the row height in LiveGridView?

    The release note says "row height now automatically measured", but it doesn't work for me as I am rendering HTML that has variable height and contents are clipped on certain rows.

    I don't mind setting my row height to the tallest height I am expecting, but there is no setRowHeight method in GXT 4. How does it determine the row height? So I can trick it into using the height I want. Please help.

    While I think it's great it auto measure row height, it'd be nice if we still have the option to explicitly set row height.

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    Figured out myself. Row height must be explicitly provided by the custom HTML root element.

    I'd say "auto measured" is a bit misleading as it can't figure out the native height of the HTML. Should clarify on LiveGridView documentation.

    Could someone confirm this quirk or bug?

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