Hi gxt 3.x developpers,

I have a GXT2 application and whant to migrate it to GXT3.
I followed the guide "Using GXT 2.x and 3.x Together" :
I have a sizing problme when I want to display GXT2 Grid on GXT3 TabPanel.
The height of the grid is 0 PX.

On GXT2 interface, my grid is on a ContentPanel which use a FitLayout. I think this component need to know the size of his parent. I think the probleme is here.
On the migration guide provided by sencha we can read :

"In cases where a v2 component needs to be sized by a v3 container ... you can use the ThreeComponentWrapper class included in the test project"

Where can I find this class or download this "test project"?

Thank's for your help.