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Thread: Architect 3.x : unapropriate running folder

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    Default Architect 3.x : unapropriate running folder


    We want to switch from Architect 2.x to 3.x. But there is a strange behaviour of Architect 3.x which currently prevents it.
    When active, Architect 3.2 runs from up to 3 different folders : the installation path + 2 folders in the user profile "%UserProfile%AppData " folder. This behaviour does no comply with our internal corporate security policy which does not allow anymore any installed software to run outside the installation folder and its children subfolders.

    Is there currenly an option which enables us to select the running path of Architect 3.x?
    Can you change the running path in the way that it runs within the installation folder or some of children subfolders of the installation folder?

    Is there any option to modify in the windows registry the running path?
    The running path of Architect might be specified somewhere in the code. Would it be possible to recompile Architect with a different default running path such as c:\Program File\Sencha ??
    whatever which may prevent Architect running elsewhere out of the installation folder...
    Looking forward to reading your answer

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    Architect 3.5 processes no longer runs from user profile folder.

    However there is still an issue with running Sencha Cmd which has default installation location in user folders:
    SA supports the custom path for Cmd - so the admin should be able to manually create folder in Program Files and copy the necessary Cmd there.

    The problem is that currently Cmd itself doesn't support running from Program Files or any location where it doesn't have write permission.

    I would suggest you to contact Sencha Support as they will be able to provide you more information and where it can come as official request from your company.

    In the meantime you can test if the SA 3.5 really doesn't have problem running in your environment.


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