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Thread: [docs] Improve description for Ext.appViewModel.setFormulas and .setStores

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    Default [docs] Improve description for Ext.appViewModel.setFormulas and .setStores

    The documentation for and setStores is misleading.

    Given the descriptions in the docs, one could assume that calling setFormulas/setStores would overwrite all formulas/stores in the viewmodel.

    That is not the case however.
    What actually happens is that the existing formulas and stores are replaced only if their key is defined in the object passed to the method (which is probably also the preferred behavior from my POV).
    To verify this for setFormulas see this fiddle. If setFormulas would be overwriting all formulas, then after clicking the "add age formula" button, the fullName formula would have been removed and the name fields would be out of sync.

    This is not only a problem for me: see this thread in which at least 2 other people assumed that those methods would overwrite everything as it was discussed how one could dynamically add new formulas to a viewmodel (without removing the old ones).

    This probably applies to setLinks as well (have not tested that one).

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    I've passed your suggestion to the documentation team. Perhaps it can be rewritten to be more clear.

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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    I realized there's a downside to the setStores approach for appending stores.
    The getStore method will not work as expected.
    However one can workaround that bevaviour.
    Read more in this post

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