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    Default Watermark

    I created a new VS project based off of the ext-6.0.1 trial framework. The project is showing a little watermark on the bottom right hand side of the screen: ext-watermark. I figure this is because I'm using the trial. I downloaded the regular ext-6.0.1 version of the framework from the licensed members portal and replaced the trial version on my local. Re-compiled the VS project and ran but the watermark still exists. I deleted browser cache but no-luck.

    What steps should i perform to get rid of the watermark?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is this specific to only building with the plugin? I tested this without the plugin to make sure it wasn't an issue with Cmd. I generated an app with the trial version, then ran sencha app upgrade /path/to/licensed/version then I ran sencha app build development and the watermark was gone.
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