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Thread: How to display tree panel elements with number system?

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    Default How to display tree panel elements with number system?

    Can you please somebody help on this?. Many thanks in advance.
    I am struggling to find a fix for this problem.

    Requirement : My Tree panel items/elements should have numbering system like,
    * 1. Master Pack
    !---- 1.1. Acceptance
    !---- 1.1.1. Client ID
    !---- 1.1.2. Mission ID
    !---- 1.2. Planning
    !---- 1.2.1. Fieldwork 1
    !---- 1.2.2. Fieldwork 2
    !---- 1.3. Completion
    !---- 1.3.1. End of Audit Memo

    Can any one please give me an example or fix for this problem?
    Sameer Khan

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    I don't believe that there is a configuration to achieve that. You'd have to create it via an override.

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