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Thread: Incorrect events fired on views

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    Default Incorrect events fired on views

    Using ExtJS and Cmd

    I have a button (B1) where I define an event that fires on load of a specific store (S1). B1 has an attribute "store" that has object of S1. This is in a tab. This works fine (when S1 loads, event on B1 fires), until I create another tab with similar things on it (a different button (B2) and a different store (S2))- both button and store are extended from same classes as the previous tab).

    Now when S1 loads, the event for B2 is fired. I verified that the IDs for B1, B2 are different and so are S1, S2 and their storeId. When S2 loads, the event for B2 is correctly fired though.

    What could be the issue? Apologies for not pasting the code here. Please provide some directions.

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    Difficult to say without seeing the code. Does the B1 event fire as well? There's no store config for the button. Can you post code showing what you are doing?

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