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Thread: Grid & Grouping - Removing records leaves "ghosts" behind

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    Default Grid & Grouping - Removing records leaves "ghosts" behind

    Hello every1.

    Im developing a grid with the grouping feature. However, i've been experiencing an issue which is that, after i remove the record ( .remove(selectedRecords); ) and sync the store, apparently, the grouping keeps the record on the grid. The first record I remove seems to disappear as intended but when i remove a second record, the first one returns. If i refresh the grid, all of them return.
    Its like the records are not really beeing removed or their ghosts are beeing left behind .
    I've checked the store and the database and they are removed successfuly.
    Aditionally, if i click one of the removed records, another record gets selected.

    I've tried reloading the store, refreshing the grid / view, collapsing the groups, etc. None solved this issue.

    This seems to happen only with the grouping feature enabled. If i disable / remove the grouping, the grid goes back to working properly.

    I've attached some screenshots to show this behaviour. They go by this order:
    Image grouping1 - This image shows the original state of the grid.
    Image grouping2 - This image is after deleting the "Test 2" record. All seems fine here, right?
    Image grouping3 - This image is how the grid looks after i remove the "Test 3" record. The "Test 2" record magically reappears.
    Image grouping4 - This image shows what happens if i hit my refresh button. All the record ("Test 2" and "Test 3") reappear. Adicionally, that selected record ("Wood Furniture") got selected after I clicked on the "Test 2" record.

    Am i doing something wrong, missing something or could this be a bug with the grouping feature?

    Thank you for any help in advance.

    Kind regards...
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    Well, for now, i found a workaround for the issue by, programatically, disabling the feature and re-enabling it.
    This workaround, however, makes all groups become expanded and i have to find a way to collapse all and expand only the ones that were expanded b4 the delete.
    Anyways, its a workable solution, for now.
    However, i still think this issue with the grouping is still a bug or unintended mechanic.

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    Thanks for the report. Can you please post a test case which reproduces this issue?

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    Here's a test case:

    Try to delete 2 features. The first feature u delete, everything seems ok. But additional feature deletes and the previous ones start reappearing.

    Also, after a bit more digging around and experimenting, i've been able to pin point the issue a bit more precisely to the store.sync(), meaning that, without the sync() the problem doesn't happen. But the minute i try to use a sync on my store, then the issue starts happening.

    Hope this helps.

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    Any progress or work around for that. I am facing same issue.


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    I have encountered the same bug/problem. Any news on this?

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    This issue has been fixed in ExtJS 6.2.0

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