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Thread: GXT 4.0 grid focus / blur event handling

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    Question GXT 4.0 grid focus / blur event handling

    I just upgraded a test project from GXT 3.1.x to 4.0, and noticed that the focusEl has been removed. The grid now manages tabIndex on the grids element and a potential focused cell at:

    My problem is, that I am currently not receiving any focus/blur events from the grid.

    What is the recommended approach about this subject?

    Thanks in advanced,

    P.S.: What is the usual response time in this forum ... noticed that most posts since october '15 are not answered yet?

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    The response time varies because this is an open community forum. The premium forum, I try to get to get back to those every day. Support tickets, are the highest priority and I aim to get back something every day.

    I'm looking into options for focus and blur handling. So far I've filed a bug for it.

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