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Thread: Safe to open a modal window and passing current view model as parent?

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    Default Safe to open a modal window and passing current view model as parent?

    Hi all,

    obviously the following code seems to work correctly:
    var win = Ext.widget('PromptAnswerWin', {
                            viewModel: {
                                type: 'PromptAnswerVM',
                                data: data,
                                parent : this.getViewModel()
                            items: [{
                                xtype: ('ATTRIBUTE' === _type) ? 'AttributePrompt' : 'MetricPrompt'
    The docs are saying, that "once set, this cannot be changed". Am I allowed to do this (setting the parent of the view model to the calling instance or am I breaking some kind of internal processing logic?
    The only other way of passing the current view model as the parent in the modal windows component hierarchy is to include the modal window as a floating item in the items section of the container holding the viewModel and the viewController, then looking it up via
    and showing it.

    Both ways work, is the first way ok ?

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    You may want to check this out if you already haven't (perhaps it is what you were referring to about including it as a floating component):

    I am not sure if either are officially supported though. In your method when you add it as a parent, I wonder if this would cause issues on multiple instances of a window to the same VM.
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