I have a grid panel where one of the columns is a combobox for each record. The performance wasn't very good with any sizable amount of records due to having to render all those comboboxes. I found and added the bufferedrenderer plugin to the grid panel and it improved the performance dramatically.

Awesome....however, there is functionality in the grid to allow a user to select a row and remove it. The problem lies with if the user scrolls down far enough, removes a row, and then scrolls back up, the combobox doesn't get rendered for any of the trailing records that are outside of the buffer. The two other columns (1 text, 1 checkbox) show up fine for each of those records, it is just the combobox that doesn't show.

Everything works fine when you initially load the grid and scroll down, the comboboxes take a split second to render but do show up.

Any ideas to force the combobox to render?