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Thread: Getting Started -- unknown definition for dependency

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    Default Getting Started -- unknown definition for dependency

    I am migrating an existing app to Sencha cmd 6 and this is my first time working with cmd.

    cmd v.
    ext6 v. 6.0.1

    When I execute "sencha app build" command I get the following error:

    Failed to resolve dependency for Object for file ***
    Doesnt cmd know where to find the ext folder?

    If not, how/where do I specify this?


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    Did you generate a workspace?

    This is a helpful doc guide:

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    hey Gary,

    disregard that issue. I was missing all the paths inside classPaths in app.json. I was able to resolve the issue by adding path to Object class and changing extend:"Object" to extend:"Ext.Object".

    But now I have another question regarding the classpaths. We have some custom components deployed to a CDN and I tried adding url to CDN in classpaths but that didn't work:

    Is this the proper approach

    Can I not use Ext.Loader.paths instead?


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