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Thread: Building extjs app in git with Cmd

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    Post Building extjs app in git with Cmd

    I have a extjs 5.1.1 app. I have been building with Cmd. I have created a local git repository and added my app and .sencha folders. I understand how to branch and tag with Git.

    I do not understand how to build different tagged versions, branchs, or my working dir with Cmd. I wanted be able to do bug fixes on a main version but also develop on another branch and choose what I build. Can I do this with Cmd? I see others building with other tools. Do I have to use something else? What are top choices? Am I losing features by not using Cmd?

    Thanks for your help

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    You might take a look at this thread, other users have/are using git to handle their source control.

    Also, I've seen an open feature request (not quite released just yet but hopefully soon) that will allow you to point to a git repo during an app generate.


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