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    Good Morning All,

    I am new to extjs and was wondering what is the best way to get this running on a local lucee server. My organization runs a cf server with extjs. Currently still running cf 8/extjs 4.2.x. I believe was brought on to start phasing in to lucee/extjs 6.0. I attempted the setup at home but I cannot find any documentation on getting extjs up and running from the .zip download. I need this to run on lucee because this is how the server will be setup in the future. I dont want to take any shortcuts.

    Thanks in advance for you assistance.

    EDIT: Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question. I unzipped the folder to my ROOT directory and will see if I can get it working. I also installed sencha cmd and it does mention how to start an application but it reads..."Youve created an application and deployed a server" ..... i dont need a server

    Nevermind ill find a different form..... this doesn't seem to be too active for supposed number of users and not one moderator who works for sencha has even bothered to view this thread.
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    The best place to start would be with the Getting Started Guide:

    You don't necessarily need to use built-in web-server that Sencha Cmd provides--it's just there if you need it. Once you generate your application, you should be able to navigate to it at the location where you generated it (assuming that the location is web-accessible of course).


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