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    Default signal strength BAR UI


    i know this is a little stupid question.

    i am creating a window for video conferencing on web desktop. i need to show signal strength for my system.

    which component sgould i use to show those bars as we get in real scenarios???

    i had seen on eexample here:-

    but i dnt understand how may i change the css so frequently based on the data of signal strength.

    Thanx in advance!!!

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    You are probably looking for a bar chart component as you cannot change css dynamically like you are thinking :-)

    The bar chart can be styled as per your needs and it would change dynamically based on the data it is fed. I am not an expert on bar charts but I think this is a good starting point.Also take a look at column chart:!/api/Ext.chart.series.Column

    You could also just use simple css selectors to show hide the specific components :

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