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Thread: Crash on iOS

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    Default Crash on iOS

    Touch version tested:
    • Touch 2.4.2
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    Device and OS tested against:
    • iPad 2 running iOS 9
    What theme are you using for your application:
    • Default
    • Having a complex view (a schema) containing a lot of elements seems to crash the application.
    • Schema structure is as follows: A carousel with roughly ten cards (groups), each containing a panel with a predefined header, and each of these panels containing a few fieldsets (blocks, also having a predefined header), which in turn contains 1-100 lines (custom component), each consisting of a few elements.
    • Case: A schema contains ten groups, each groups have one block, each block have 60 lines, each line having 10 elements, with all other elements this results in 600-700 elements per group.
    • All-in-all, this results in a view containing 6-7 thousand elements, which is what the attached fiddle show.
    • Note: Changing the carousel to create groups dynamically when activating a card doesn't seem to fix the problem, as after navigating around for a while still causes a crash.
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    • Open attached fiddle.
    • Wait.
    The result that was expected:
    • Fiddle runs and is interactable.
    The result that occurs instead:
    • Fiddle opens and after some time the browser crashes.
    The url to fiddle testcase:

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    I am not sure that this is an issue with the framework. There's a lot of components being rendered on a device with minimal memory and a lite browser (compared to the desktop). It's hard to tell exactly why the browser is crashing. I would assume it's a memory issue.

    I expect this to perform poorly though with the amount of component being renders. Viewing this in Chrome, it takes up ~450mb of memory. The amount of DOM elements being rendered and maintained for this is going to be very taxing on browser performance.
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