I am experiencing some strange behavior when trying to add a TextField to a grid header. The text field is added, but one cannot use the mouse to either select text or set the cursor to a specific position. This behavior is present in GXT 3.1.4. and older versions. I haven't yet tried it with GXT 4.0.

Here is a minimal code example showing the phenomenon:

	public void onModuleLoad() {
		ColumnConfig<String, String> nameCol = new ColumnConfig<String, String>(new IdentityValueProvider<String>(), 150, "Test");

		List<ColumnConfig<String, ?>> columns = new ArrayList<ColumnConfig<String, ?>>();

		ColumnModel<String> cm = new ColumnModel<String>(columns);

		HeaderGroupConfig hgc = new HeaderGroupConfig(new TextField(), 1, 1);
		cm.addHeaderGroup(0, 0, hgc);

		ListStore<String> store = new ListStore<String>(new ModelKeyProvider<String>() {
			public String getKey(String item) {
				return item;

		final Grid<String> grid = new Grid<String>(store, cm);

Is that expected behavior, and if so why? Is there any known workaround to have the text field working properly?

Best regards,