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Thread: Passing values from extjs page to a new extjs page

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    Default Passing values from extjs page to a new extjs page


    I am new to ExtJS and I need some help with this..
    The scenario is I am trying to pass an extremely long string data from an extjs page (Firstpage.js) to a new extjs page(Secondpage.js).
    I have tried many ways including using window.location = "Secondpage.js?data=" + longstringdata, submitting the value as a form with Ext.Ajax.request, passing value to controller and retrieving the value from Secondpage.js (it passes value to controller but it will return back to the Firstpage.js), etc...
    As said, I need to pass a long data to a new window(Secondpage.js) and not back to the Firstpage.js and I am out of ideas if there is a suggestible idea if a scenario like this is actually possible to create..

    Version used: ExtJS 4.1.2

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    This is not ExtJS section of forum, but GXT aka Ext GWT.

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    Sorry is there any difference? I am using only extjs to pass data in a new window

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