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Thread: EXT JS Config & Control List

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    Default Answered: EXT JS Config & Control List

    Hello I'm new to EXT JS & still learning the framework. I want to know if there is anyway to know the controls available to the configs.
    Below is my code:
    new Ext.Viewport({ 
        layout: 'border',     
    items: [{         
    region: 'north',         
    html: '<h1 class="x-panel-header">Page Title</h1>',         
    autoHeight: true,         
    border: false,         
    margins: '0 0 5 0'     
    I want to know where shall i get the controls like 'region', 'border' etc?
    I've searched the ExtJS documentation but didn't find any clue about my issue. please help & guide me to solve this problem & learn this framework.

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    What do you mean by "controls available to the configs"?
    You have guides here: check the core concepts part and look examples.
    In your example you are missing a center component in your items, something like
      region : 'center'
      xtype : 'container',
      html : 'This is my main container'

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    Thanks Evant. These have solved my query.
    I was confused between configs and component-configs.

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    A. Llorente
    I didn't know the term- "component-config". So I reffered those as "controls available to the configs". pardon.

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