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Thread: Car Listing Example Unable to generate Entries in Store using Grid Builder

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    Default Car Listing Example Unable to generate Entries in Store using Grid Builder

    Hello Everyone,
    I am facing a similar issue while following this tutorial. I need help with the following :
    1. I have successfully created the store and Model.
    2. I was successful in uploading the data by adding the url in MyAjaxProxy. In this example it generates 5 entries of Cars and their details when I select the 'Auto Columns'.

    But in next step when I right click on grid and click 'Grid Builder' (Earlier it was Auto Columns and now it has changed to Grid Builder), it asks me to add a Model. I click on 'checkbox' which says delete any additional columns.
    After that, I click on advanced settings and Select Store from Existing Store Option.

    Now when I click on Generate, it should show all the 5 entries data in Store.
    But instead, design Grid is blank. The entries in the store(where it shows an eye) has changed to 30. When I click on that eye, it shows 30 dummy entries in unknown language. I think they are just some random words.
    I does not show anything when I save and check this on browser.

    Please help ..

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    Have you been able to resolve your issue or still looking for help?
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