Hi all,

I have the following issue I cannot find a solution for:
I want to add a line on a stacked bar chart for a specific value on the Y axis.
Let's take a concrete example; we have the stacked bar chart below:
I want to add a line to mark the 0, since it's not represented in the Y axis steps, like this (drawn in Paint):
This should be easy enough, right? Just create a line series, give it a dummy provider which provides only "0" and a line should show up.
Well, it turns out it's not, because lines are only displayed in between X axis points. In our case it's a single point (31.12.2015), so no line is displayed.
I have tried many things, but nothing seems to work.

This is just one use case, I'd like to add in many cases lines on column charts (be they stacked or not), but I encounter the same issue.

To better understand how the lines are shown take this for example: this chart has multiple X axis elements; the line shows but it terminates exactly in the middle of the bar. I understand why, but it does not look nice, I'd like it to be longer (I think this is what causes the problem):

Can anyone think of a simple workaround this (just make the line longer)?

Thank you in advance,