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    I'm migrating an Ext4.x app to 6. I also have a Sencha Touch 2.4.1 application that will be combined to make one big happy (hopefully) universal application. What I seem to be missing from the documentation is how the app profiles should really be working. It seems to me the ideal way to handle this would be to have profiles, and then sub profiles. e.g.

    - classic = essentially the replacement for the app.js of the Ext4 app, this matches the build profile
    --active = majority of users, trimmed for reasonable browser support
    --prehistoric = for old IE support (read the banks)

    -modern = the replacement of the app.js Sencha Touch app, matches build profile
    --tablet = for larger screens
    --phone = for smaller screens

    Since this is not supported (to my knowledge), my questions are:
    1. Do I need to define 4 separate build profiles, one for each app profile? If not, how / where would I do that separation?
    2. I'm guessing the answer I'm going to get for above is yes, which then leads to: the profile calculation for the above is still done in the Ext.beforeLoad? If that is the case, which wins, the Ext.beforeLoad or isActive on the profile?
    I'm hopeful this is just confusion with the numerous different usages of "profile" in Ext6, but would still prefer to hear the "proper" way to go after this before I go too far down the path. Thanks.

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    Digging through the Kitchen Sink example (link below, but you'll want to look at your sdk source code to get any background), some things have cleared up.

    1. You will want to have 1 build profile per app profile
    2. Those app profiles should be in the framework/src directory (e.g. modern/src) as appropriate
    3. Evidently it is possible to have multiple Application.js for a single 'universal' application (in each of the framework/src directories). This is where you want to define your app profiles, not in what seemed to be the logical app/Application.js.

    Still digesting this, but first impression / gut feel is that this is going to lead to 2 duct taped applications rather than a more 'universal' / shared application I was envisioning, but only time will tell.

    KS -

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