Using Ext.form.field.ComboBox, is there a way to control store load params used when combo loads the store for the first time with compiled value or when store needs to be loaded after setValue call ?

Normally, combo loads store with configured queryParam when user change the content of field.
However when I configure a value with value config parameter or using the equivalent setValue method, the ComboBox supposes that the store can be loaded without parameters based on the value being set. If the store was already loaded, the ComboBox supposes that loaded data already contains the value and no new load is needed.
I think that if I have a big dataset (10000+ items) the store should always be loaded by combo with some filter based on the specified value and the store should be reloaded on setValue call because loaded data (filtered) must include this value.
I've tryed to override the normal setValue method to accomplish a similar reload (forcing a store load before callParent) but this method is called recursively and so I obtain a continous reload iteration.