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Thread: Ext.ux.button.DateRangePicker

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    Default Ext.ux.button.DateRangePicker

    Yet another simple extension for picking a range of dates/times in ExtJS apps.
    I wanted to make it as compact and simple possible, so decided to wrap all the UI within a button menu.

    Sencha fiddle:
    JS Fiddle:


    Here is the demo fiddle (the Get Picker Data button is not part of the picker, clicking it will log the picker return object in the console):

    In short, it can be configured with start/end dates (and optionally - times), has several preset periods for fast choosing, supports custom formats for the dates/times and can be customized with your own captures/icons.

    The configuration is done via single config object (see github/jsfiddle links for details of the configs)

    The picker returns its data via the getValue() method which returns an object with the period details, something like this:

    Example usage:

    var myPicker = Ext.create('Ext.ux.button.DateRangePicker'); //create it with a default configurations
    or, if you wish to add it to your own container:
    {xtype: 'daterangepicker', drpDefaults: { //optional custom configurations here }}
    To get the picker data, use:
    var pickerData = myPicker.getValue()
    and inspect the returned object

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    Nice work. Thanks for sharing with the community!

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    Thanks mx_starter.

    Very good and very useful.
    A great help for building ExtJS applications.

    Thanks for your message.

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    I have error when try to use: To many recursion.
    I tried to do debugging and found that the initComponent method is called so many times

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