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Thread: Possible undefined parentNode in Ext.event.publisher.Focus.processFocusIn

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-19870 in 5.1.3.
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    Default Possible undefined parentNode in Ext.event.publisher.Focus.processFocusIn

    We see an exception sometimes when clicking around on pies and pie legends.
    I notice that this issue is still relevant in the Ext 6 src.

    Reassuringly, the change we have made is the same as in an identical clode block higher up in the method.

    Sorry, not crafted a fiddle... the change is obvious from inspection.

        Ext.define('Altus.overrides.event.publisher.Focus', {
            override: 'Ext.event.publisher.Focus',
             * Override for processFocusIn function which checks if node exists when pushing node into targets array as this node can be null.
            processFocusIn: function(e, fromElement, toElement, invokeAfter) {
                var me = this,
                    commonAncestor = Ext.Element.getCommonAncestor(toElement, fromElement, true),
                    node, targets = [],
                    event, el, id;
                // Gather targets for focusleave event from the fromElement to the parentNode (not inclusive)
                for (node = fromElement; node && node !== commonAncestor; node = node.parentNode) {
                // Publish the focusleave event for the bubble hierarchy
                if (targets.length) {
                    event = me.createSyntheticEvent('focusleave', e, fromElement, toElement);
                    me.publish('focusleave', targets, event);
                    targets.length = 0;
                    if (event.isStopped) {
                // Added check if node exists
                for (node = toElement; node && node !== commonAncestor; node = node.parentNode) {
                // Publish the focusleave event for the bubble hierarchy
                event = me.createSyntheticEvent('focusenter', e, toElement, fromElement);
                me.publish('focusenter', targets, event);
                if (event.isStopped) {
                if (invokeAfter) {
                Ext.GlobalEvents.fireEvent('focus', {
                    event: event,
                    toElement: toElement,
                    fromElement: fromElement
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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