We found the following issues in live grid:

1) When selecting an item in the live grid view and then scrolling away from the visible items and then scrolling back to the item, it's not selected anymore.

2) When selecting multiple items using the shift key and scrolling up or down the selection is cancelled.

3) After scrolling down for few pages using the down key, and then scrolling up few pages using the up key, the view gets "stuck" and you can't move anymore in any direction, so you need to select a row using the mouse in order to be able to navigate using the keys again.

4) The PageUp and PageDown keys are working only in the visible items, but I would expect it to get to the first item and last item in all items list.

All those bugs can be replicated in the live grid demo.
We are using the live grid in most of our screens so it's very important for us to make sure it's working properly.

Thank you,