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Thread: Using sencha app watch, compiling sass takes approx 90 seconds

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    Default Using sencha app watch, compiling sass takes approx 90 seconds

    Hey there, as the post title states, suddenly when using sencha app watch with cmd version, the refresh takes approximately 90 seconds to complete, hanging at refreshing the sass.

    [INF] -----------------------
    [INF] Application available at http://localhost:1841
    [INF] Application available at http://localhost:1841
    [INF] Appending content to <PathToApp>\bootstrap.js
    [INF] Writing content to <PathToApp>\bootstrap.json
    [INF] merging 370 input resources into <PathToBuild>\resources
    [INF] merged 1 resources into <PathToBuild>\resources
    [INF] merging 44 input resources into <PathToBuild>
    [INF] merged 1 resources into <PathToBuild>
    [INF] Writing content to <PathToApp>\sass\example\bootstrap.json
    [INF] Writing content to <PathToApp>\sass\example\bootstrap.js
    [INF] writing sass content to <PathToApp>\sass\iDrift-all.scss.tmp
    [INF] appending sass content to <PathToApp>\sass\iDrift-all.scss.tmp
    [INF] appending sass content to <PathToApp>\sass\iDrift-all.scss.tmp
    At the last line is where it hangs for the longest part of the 90 seconds.

    If I make a fresh app, the build doesn't take longer than what I'm used to. Anyone have advice that could help me get rid of this hang?

    I don't see this as an error with CMD, I just can't seem to find out what the problem is with my system that makes this process so slow.

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    Sorry to hear about your issue, perhaps you can review the debug log it might have pointers to why you're seeing the increased build time.

    PHP Code:
    sencha -d app build debug.tx 

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    I tried debugging the build, but it didn't yield anything helpful other than it telling me the build was queued and then it gave up after the 90 seconds.I did however find out what was causing the issue. I had deleted the folder
    /sass/example, thinking that I was experienced enough to not need and example folder in my project. Bringing these files back made everything work fine again. Frankly I think the naming of the folder is way of in comparison to the importance of it being there.

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    I have exactly the same problem, but i never removed any folders. It just started acting weird and waiting for 90 seconds..

    Additional info: I have managed to find the exact reason this hangs but i am unable to understand why it happens.
    It happens when i add an override to the overrides folder and try to use GeoExt map panel. When i remove the red line from the code, everything compiles as normal.

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.ux.desktop.Desktop', {
        override: 'Ext.ux.desktop.Desktop',
        initComponent: function () {
            var me = this;
            me.windowMenu = new;
            me.bbar = me.taskbar = new Ext.ux.desktop.TaskBar(me.taskbarConfig);
            me.taskbar.windowMenu = me.windowMenu;
   = new Ext.util.MixedCollection();
            me.contextMenu = new;
            me.items = [
                { xtype: 'mappanel', id: + '_wallpaper' }
            //me.shortcutsView = me.items.getAt(1);
            //me.shortcutsView.on('itemclick', me.onShortcutItemClick, me);

    I have analyzed the build process on the debug mode, and all i can see that the build is being queued when sass content is written to *.example.scss.tmp.
    Do you have any suggestions? Why is the build queued anyways? is there something that i can load in order to bypass this queuing process?
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