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Thread: Radar chart show incorrect data

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    Default Radar chart show incorrect data

    Hi there

    I have created a fiddle to show this:
    I have in the store three different datas to test, with wrongData1 you can see that 'priority' is not scaled correctly.
    With wrongData2 both series overlay
    With correctData everything looks ok

    With wrongDataX if you use the legend to enable/disable data then you see the correct data so it looks as the data is not correctly printed in the screen.

    Have anyone experience this before?

    P.D.: This I found while working in this other issue:

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    An update, if you change in correctData for cat : 'D' the priority to 20 it also doesn't work :S This is very weird

    And another update, this goes even wrong in the official examples:
    You can see that Firefox in January should have 37% and in the chart it shows 50%

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