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Thread: JavaScript error during touch event on Ext.Map when using a windows tablet

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    Default JavaScript error during touch event on Ext.Map when using a windows tablet


    When using the Ext.Map component on a Windows tablet (Panasonic FZ-G1), a JavaScript error is thrown when a touch event occurs. The error appears to actually happen within the google maps code, however, the root cause seems to stem from the Sencha Touch code executed when the condition given by Ext.feature.has.Pointer is true (which it is for this Windows table).

    When I manually comment out the block in the createdFn function in Ext.event.publisher.TouchGesture that contains the following if-statement:
     if (Ext.feature.has.Pointer) {
    The map seems to function somewhat correctly (not entirely correctly, but no JavaScript error occurs).

    There very well may be a reason for this execution branch that I'm not aware of, so does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

    If not, does anyone know how to override the Ext.feature.has.Pointer to be set to false? I have tried merely setting it to false at the launch function of the application, but by that time it seems that the core objects have already been instantiated.

    Just FYI, the actual JS error that occurs during a touch-event on the map is:
    Object doesn't support property or method 'item'
    And it is likely related to the
    property of the touch event fired, which does not have a function called item, in this case (when normally it should).

    I am using Sencha Touch version 2.4.1 but the bug persists in 2.4.2 as well.

    Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need any more info!


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    FYI, I found a (possible) workaround..Before calling Ext.application(), I replace the test for Pointer support by executing:
    Ext.feature.registerTest({Pointer: function() {return false;}});
    It's hacky but seems to do the job.

    Hopefully someone else can reply with a better solution or bug fix.



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