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Thread: BufferedStore autoLoads even if autoLoad is set to false

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    Default BufferedStore autoLoads even if autoLoad is set to false

    Ext version tested:
    • ExtJS

    Browser versions tested against:
    • GoogleChrome 46.0.2490.71
    • Buffered store autoLoads even if autoLoad is set to false.
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    • create a BufferedStore with autoLoad: false
    The result that was expected:
    • store doesn't load
    The result that occurs instead:
    • store automatically loads


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    Can you outline the use case? The store loads because the grid asks it to for the records to fill the view. If you're intending to start the load yourself, how are you planning on calculating the correct items to load?
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    If I explicitly set autoLoad to false, then I expect it not to load.

    My use case is a bit more complex. I have a stateful remote sort BufferedStore with autoLoad set to false, yet it still loads.

    If I set autoLoad to true, it tries to load twice. What happens is, that it calls the server side 6 times, and 1 request gets canceled from the fronted. How many times it calls the server side of course depends on the leading and trailing buffer zone.

    Chrome Network Tab:


    Canceled request query string parameters


    First successful xhr query string parameters:


    At first I thought that, my problem has something to do with applyState but was unable to reproduce it in the fiddle, then I saw the strange autoLoad behaviour.

    But now, while I was getting more and more frustrated, I noticed the same behaviour in the fiddle. Even though the request does not get canceled, you can see that the first page gets requested, then loading.gif, then the first page again and second and third, ..


    (you need to run the fiddle, sort a column and then run it again to see this behaviour)

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    A common use case is that you need to configure some extraParams on the proxy dynamically before the store is loaded for the first time. The initial configuration of the store's proxy might not be valid and may result in an error, so it is important to be able to manually trigger the first load. I believe this worked in ExtJS 5, you just call .load() after you're done configuring the proxy and the buffered store starts doing its paging thing.

    For example, if the buffered store is being used to load search results, I might not want any loads to happen until after the user inputs a query and hits enter. After calling load the behavior should be the same as if the store was preconfigured with the extraParams -- paging is handled automatically.
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    Anything from anyone @Sencha?

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    Is this bug still open? I'm still facing this issue with extjs 6.

    Any workarounds that work with extjs 6 will be much appreciated.

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    In my case saving the grid sorters state was not critical so I could override the applyState to disable autoLoad.

    applyState: function(state) {
    var me = this,
                stateSorters = state.sorters,
                stateFilters = state.filters,
                stateGrouper = state.grouper;
            if (stateSorters) {
                // don't apply the sorters state to prevent the auto load of this buffered store
                // me.getSorters().replaceAll(stateSorters); <-- this is the only changed line, just commented it
            if (stateFilters) {
                // We found persisted filters so let's save stateful filters from this point forward.
                me.saveStatefulFilters = true;
            if (stateGrouper) {

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    I'm also struggling with this. I tried to override data.BufferedStore but the above code supplied by rattanc didn't kick in for me, which is OK since sorting state is something I need.

    As far as use case scenarios go Evant, I have a form loading several associated grids. The buffered store has remoteSort & remoteFilter set to true. After the form loads I need to apply a filter to the grids only if the form has certain values. What's occurring is the OnLoad event triggers immediately after autoLoad and then throws an error because the filter hasn't been applied yet (since the form has that value). Ideally I don't want to load the first page of data until I know if a filter or other parameters need to be set.

    Any more recent thoughts from someone?


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    Over two years and no fix yet??

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