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Thread: Get all reords from a filtered grid with pagination

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    Default Get all reords from a filtered grid with pagination

    Hi ,

    I am facing issue in getting all the records from a filtered grid with pagination. I am getting only the first page record. I have applied external filters in the grid . After applying filter the record reduced from 500 to 200 . Because of pagination i am able to iterate through first 20 records. I need to iterate through the 200 records .

    Could some one please help me to find a solution to iterate through the filtered records .

    Vishnu Priya

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    The store only knows about the records which have been returned from the server in response to the request for the particular "page" of data. Therefore, in order to iterate over all the records that are available, you'll need to make them available to the store or by some other mechanism (e.g., another AJAX request that returns *all* the data).


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    Use the below code if you are using a memory proxy

     var recordsFromtheStore =;
     var filteredRecords = Ext.Array.filter(recordsFromtheStore, Ext.util.Filter.createFilterFn(store.filters));
    var sortedRecords  = filteredRecords ;
     if (store.sorters && store.sorters.length) {
           sortedRecords = Ext.Array.sort(filteredRecords, Ext.util.Sortable.createComparator(store.sorters.items));

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