A few month ago the GWT Steering Communittee annouced some informations about the future of GWT and the things we can expect in GWT 3.0.

It looks like some parts of GWT will be removed in version 3.0:

* UiBinder (I will not miss it ... ;-))
* RCP (RestyGWT is a good alternativ)
* Request factory
* Generators (most of the things can be done with annotation processors)
* the widget eco system (that's hard)

Most of the things GWT 3.0 will no longer support I will not miss. But loosing the widget eco system will be hard and replacing it with JsInterop and writing JavaScript widgets does not seams to me as an alternative. Of course JsInterop is cool, but writing web frontend in Java is really cool.

I am writing enterprise applications. Of course the application have to look nice, but it is the business logic that counts. I have written some widget libs and know how much work it is. That's one of the reasons I prefer using a commercial library like Sencha GXT (to be honest, it is the only one). In most cases setting up a custom theme is enough to create a nice looking individuell app.

Thinking about GWT 3.0 and widgets, it might be possible to create a open source project that contains the necessary widget classes so it will be possible to write widgets in Java. This would enable developers to work with widgets as they did it before. But as long as there are no detail infos about the next GWT version (3.0) it is hard to decide weather it is a good idea or not. (In my opinion it must be possible to write such a module which will work with GWT 2.x & 3.0) Also, I would like to see a Sencha GXT version which supports GWT 3.0. And I would like to see widget base classes (Open Source), so that everyone can create widgets as they did it before (GWT < 3.0). I think a lot of developers will like this module.

Also I would like to know what will happen to Sencha GXT. Will there be a version that supports GWT 3.0.

It would be nice if Sencha can provide some informations related to this questions.