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Thread: Grid header unaligned with content if horizontal scrollbar visible

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    Default Grid header unaligned with content if horizontal scrollbar visible

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Go to page:
    • Resize the grid so that all content fits into the view
      • No scrollbars are visible

    • Expand a column so that a horizontal scrollbar gets visible
      • As the horizontal scrollbar makes the grid also smaller in height, a vertical scroll bar appears, too

    • Scroll to the right
    • Investigate

    Expected results:

    • The header takes the width of the scroll bar into account and inserts a space at the right

    What really happens:

    • There is no space on the right of the header, the header is misaligned to the content
    • GridView.calculateVBar evaluates vbar wrongly to false
    Also reproducible with GXT 2

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