It is my pleasure to announce that GXT 4 Early Access release is now available for download. This program enables you to test and evaluate our GXT 4 work in progress. Download GXT 4 Early Access.

Check out all of the new features including:
  • Tablet support with touch-enabled widgets including navigation tabs, button, and slider
  • Gesture support so you can swipe, pan, and zoom delivering an improved experience on tablets and/or large screen touch devices
  • Momentum scrolling for large data grids which improves the performance of large data sets on tablets
  • Fresh new Triton theme which you can use to modernize your existing applications
  • Continued support for GWT 2.x. so you can extend the life of your GXT/GWT applications

Read the GXT 4 documentation and see Whats New in GXT 4. Try out the GXT 4 early access release, and report bugs in the GXT 4 forum. We look forward to your feedback.