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Thread: Inefficient bug fix in ExtJS

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    Default Inefficient bug fix in ExtJS


    In Auto.js there seems to be this fix for a Chrome issue which causes multiple unnecessary reflows when the layout is flushed. The code is in measureContentWidth():
            if (this.chromeCellMeasureBug) {
                dom = this.innerCt.dom;
                style =;
                old = style.display;
                if (old == 'table-cell') {
                    style.display = '';
                    style.display = old;
    The problem with this code is it makes changes to the DOM and then immediately reads a value from the style, which will force the browser to reflow instead of batching changes.
    More on this here. It's also called multiple times during a flushLayouts (once per component?) which is what makes it expensive.
    I've checked and this fix is also in ExtJS 6.0.1. What exactly is it trying to fix? Perhaps the Chrome bug has since been resolved? Is it safe to remove this fix or is there a different workaround?

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    Are you able to recreate this issue in a test case?

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