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Thread: Store autoLoad=false is ignored if remoteFilter is true and there are filters in Grid

    You found a bug! We've classified it as EXTJS-23693 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Hey! The workaround doesn't work when we have "grouping" enabled.

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    Default NOT FIXED!

    Why this thread is marked as fixed???

    If you try the Fiddle with Ext JS 6.0.x (Nightly) and 6.2.x (Nightly) the bug is still there.

    You say it has been fixed in (EXTJS-15348) but this bug has been reported for 6.x, not for 5.x!

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    I usually add beforeload event handler returning false value until I need the store actually loaded. Then I remove this handler and do load() call.

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    Yep, I am running into this in 6.2.1 as well. Seems to be quite a history of this being a bug and not getting fixed. All the way back to 4.2.

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    Another year later since the last post on this topic, we're on version 6.5.3 now and still this hasn't been fixed...
    This is really disappointing... frustrating even.

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